Khloé Kardashian Shows Off the ‘Dope Piece of Feminist Art’ in Her Home: ‘I’ll Probably Get a Lot of S— for Having This’

03/09/2016 at 04:02 PM ET

Khloé Kardashian
Jim Spellman/WireImage

Khloé Kardashian knows she’ll get some backlash for sharing a potentially “sacrilegious” painting in her home … but she truly doesn’t care.

On her website and app, Kardashian opened up about why art is so important to home-decorating, while also sharing one — somewhat controversial — piece: a photograph called Raquel Welch, shot by Terry O’Neill, that hangs at the top of her staircase.

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“The picture was shot in 1966 to symbolize how Welch was ‘crucified’ by the entertainment industry for her sexuality,” she writes. “I love old Hollywood, love Raquel Welch and especially love the meaning behind the piece.”


“It was way before its time! It’s just a dope piece of feminist art. I’ll probably get a lot of s— for having this because people will say it’s sacrilegious, but it’s my house, so f— off, LOL.”

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To Kardashian — who also shows off a glittery portrait of Marilyn Monroe she has hanging — choosing the perfect art for her walls helps her feel at home wherever she moves.

“Artwork can totally make a house feel like a home,” she writes. “I’ve moved many times and carried my pieces with me!”

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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The Latest Craze in Disco Styles Is See-Through Jeans—but Beware of Foggy Bottoms
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The Latest Craze in Disco Styles Is See-Through Jeans—but Beware of Foggy Bottoms

Posted on

On a clear day, you can see forever—or at least that’s the wicked thought behind L.A. designer Agi Berliner’s transparent idea: see-through jeans. Exhibitionists notwithstanding, most folks wear them over bathing suits or as attention-getting evening wear with halters, garter belts and body stockings. Created for the disco crowd, the $34 jeans are selling like, well, hot pants. In just six weeks, 25,000 pairs have already been sold in such major department store chains as Macy’s, Bonwit’s and Saks.

“What’s limiting American designers is that we’re afraid to do something different,” says Berliner, 32, a Hungarian émigré who fled with her family to the U.S. in 1956. Agi thought up the gimmick in London while marveling at the way plastics were being employed by designers of punk fashion. In her L.A. office, where she designs for La Parisienne junior sportswear, Agi spent five days on the phone and six weeks testing to come up with the right plastic.

Agi herself tried out the French-cut jeans with the zipper in front, and quickly found several problems: Some plastics tore away from stitching, others wouldn’t bend and all fogged with perspiration. The ideal material proved to be a vinyl supplied by a bookbinder. The steam was eliminated with a series of vents behind the knees and in the crotch. “They’re no hotter than polyester pants,” claims Agi, “and if you wear them with tights, they won’t stick to your legs.”

Whatever the discomfort and despite the problem of Saturday night feverishness, discomaniacs report one major advantage of the plastic pants: no laundry bills. To keep Berliner’s see-through jeans clear, all the wearer needs is a little Windex.

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Showing 26 comments

the moons on

who cares? Dope…hahahahahahah

jm on

She’s a DOPE

PCC on

She is truly a moron. The Kardashians should be banned from using the word feminist as they seem to believe all it means is women taking off their clothing.

Kate on

How is an over sexualized women being crucified remotely feminist?

Grams on

For saying that she is a Christian, she said she goes to church, this is really disrespectful.

Samantha on

Wow, she’s become a nasty hag. Hey KK – GO TO HELL B*TCH!

Deana on

So she tells people to “eff” off these days and then laughs about it. Don’t choke on all that hot air you POS! She has a foul mouth, a bad attitude and has gotten pretty nasty towards people. She better remember that it’s her so-called fans that pays her mortgage before telling them to “eff” off!

kitty62862 on

That is one outrageous piece of “art” but it’s her house. As long as she doesn’t hang it in a window, it’s her business.

Forgetting who she is for a second, I have to congratulate her for looking fabulous.

yoliewinecorporation on

They’re all Pathetic



Time To Move On on

Enough. Seriously, enough already…Listen to how this woman speaks, listen to the ridiculous things she spews from her crass trap. Be better than this woman, folks, be better than her vacuous family. Let’s rise above and let the Kardashian family circus move on to another town…

surrender on

She doesn’t know what dope is.

Vicki on

Yet another failed attempt at having attention. … since nobody ever talks about her because nobody cares about her…. here she is trying to be relevant by posting this stupid coments……

Andy on

I have the authority to say this. She knows nothing about true “dope” art.

izzie on

Added with the constant bombardment nude selfies …. an topic of feminist an feminism they go a bit further to nit only to disrespect Christianity but the lord himself who died so that people like KARDASHIANS might gain everlasting life ….but I guess they dont want it seein that they also think kanye is jesus ….. quiet frankly I wish they’d alll jus disappear … because they are above an beyond ridiculous now seriouslyyy …..

Frankielove on

i say you are sexy hot in this picture navy saint summer dress with your big boob’s and your big booty and you are smokey hot and that is great thing

kerrwinkler on

Kardashian = douchebag

IdioticFamousPeople on

…just when I think their antics/attempts to stir up controversary and offensive, egotistical, weird, selfish, mind-boggling, narcissistic, and idiotic behavior WON’T OFFEND ME/LEAVE ME SCRATCHING MY HEAD/DISGUST ME…ABOUT THE WARPED WORLD THE KARDASHIANS LIVE IN ~ they go and top themselves! smh

Plumeria on

could have been worse and been her or Kim up there.. SHM..

antoinette on

She doesn’t know what feminist means I guess

Anonymous on

Full Definition of feminism
: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

Vance Mighty on

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