Kim Kardashian West Eats 1,800 Calories a Day to Lose the Last 28 Lbs. of Baby Weight

03/25/2016 at 05:18 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West
Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

How did Kim Kardashian West already manage to lose 42 lbs. of her baby weight in just three months? A strict diet of proteins, healthy fats and absolutely no sugar, all adding up to 1,800 calories a day.

The reality star announced in January that she was following the Atkins 40 plan to lose 70 lbs. after giving birth to son Saint in December.

Her Atkins nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz, told Redbook that Kardashian West, 35, focuses on eating a protein like eggs, chicken or meat in each meal to stay satiated throughout the day, and pairs proteins with high-fiber foods and healthy fats.

She stays away from “sugar, sweets, cakes, crackers, white flour, white rice,” Heimowitz said, instead looking for healthier alternatives.

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“The secret is to pick high-fiber carbohydrates that slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Instead of white rice you have a little brown rice. Instead of a white potato you could have a yam. And [when you want] dessert, you can make one with Splenda instead of sugar.”

But unlike her sister Khloé, Kim is a serious cheese-lover, and just can’t stay away from dairy. Instead, she has it in moderation.

“[Kim] is limited to four ounces of cheese a day,” Heimowitz said.

And she keeps more calorically-rich foods like sour cream, half-and-half and butter in check too.

“These things aren’t unlimited, but she can have them – just enough to keep you satisfied,” Heimowitz said.  “A tab of butter on broccoli is way better than just boiled broccoli.”

In total, Kim eats around 1,800 calories a day, which is on the low end for a breastfeeding mom, Heimowitz explained. Going too low would actually hurt her weight loss progress.

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“A low-calorie diet leaves you hungry all the time, and you need to not be hungry in order to be successful,” Heimowitz said. “When you have adequate calories, protein, fat and high-fiber carbohydrates [in your diet], you won’t be tempted to add something.”

“All the willpower in the world is not going to keep you away from that donut if you’re starving.”


Julie Mazziotta, @julietmazz

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Guest on

As far as I know, 1800 calories per day is more than recommended for a woman to maintain weight so how she plans on losing weight on that type of diet is curious. Of course, I am sure there is more to her weight loss than just her calorie count, if you get my point…..

Dana on

Twenty eight pounds to lose? My ass…


Wonder she considered “a day”? She looks like a whale. Can’t believe she’s lost any weight. She looks enormous and still wearing her pregnancy tent coats!

Guest on

How did she ‘lose’ 30 lbs within a month of the birth and now only 12 lbs in 3 month if she”s breast feeding, following Atkins and exercising? She’s still fat and sloppy!

Guest on

I wish I could lose weight on that high calorie count.

Guest on

And does she think she’s fooling anyone in those compression suits she’s been wearing for at least a month and posting photoshopped pics and throw back pics? She longs for her pre baby body yet she’s so empowered! She’s a fraud. Go away already.

Lady Blue on

Weather she thin or on the thick side she looks beautiful.I don’t understand women who put other women down, She is nowhere close to being a whale. It’s all this women hating on her, I never ever hear a man talking down on women

WeAreStars on

You can lose weight on 1800 calories a day, especially if you’re exercising as well…..which the know it all trolls don’t mention on here. Her diet plan sounds very good. Jealous haters would say otherwise but that’s because they’re jealous haters! No surprise there. The trick though is to keep the weight off after losing it which requires a permanent lifestyle change.

Cate on

I can’t even begin to tell what’s going on with her figure with all of the corseting, implants, and contouring. She used to be lovely – she didn’t need to do any of those things. My bet is that Kanye talked her into it to have her look more Nubian.

Lady blue on

Why is it that women put women down, Kim is doing a great job losing that weight, Weather she is thin or thick the women is a beauty, She is nowhere to looking like a whale…. Stop Hating. You never ever hear men talk down on each other, It is always the women

bugsforever on

1800 calories a day sounds reasonable for a breastfeeding mom her size. I took in about 2250 calories a day when I was breast-feeding because I’m about 6 inches taller than she is- and the weight all came off (and then some) in less than 4 months.

Guest on

She’s also nursing which burns approx 500 calories per day so she would need more calories to keep her supply up.

Kb on

20 lbs of that is her back side

jell on

It’s not working. She is still a fat pig.

Julie on

Is it just me, or is that the stupidest headline ever!!!!

Anonymous on

This is the first picture I have seen, where her double chin has not been photoshopped out. She has been wearing thick chokers to make the process easier on the photo editors.

khloey on

She use to look so pretty. Now she looks like a drag queen with a saggy diaper butt. 😦

Avie on

Deflate her a$$. That will be at least 20 pounds!

Dhdj on

Why did she gain 70lbs?? That’s bizarre.

Enough already on

Who cares! I’m so tired of this family’s every move being a freaking news story. Terrorist attacks, political wars, but hey Kim Kardashian is on another diet! My gosh…

Jen on

How in the world did she manage to gain 70lbs. Unless she was sitting in a couch or bed and stuffing her face 24/7 how is that even possible. Very unhealthy.

Dayle on

I had no idea that she was 70 pounds overweight. Wow! She is only 5’3″ right? She doesn’t look that large in the photos of her. I’m so thankful I only gained 30 pounds with each one of my children. I would hate to have to suffer that much!

dyanyoung on

Meat, dairy and eggs all extremely unhealthy foods. Heart disease, cancer (prostate, breast, colon, ovarian), osteoporosis, inflammation, diabetes, I could go on. So for all you non-fans of this family, rest assured they will probably die an early death from one or more of the above mentioned.

Stanzi on

@WeAreStars…I’ve always wanted to ask a kardashian fan about the “jealous haters” comment…That seems to be one of the most popular responses from k fans to the general public; if a person doesn’t like Kim’s behaviour or attitude, for example, that person is a “jealous hater”. This response makes little sense to me because there are many, many gorgeous, successful, wealthy women in the world, yet those women rarely see even a fraction of the backlash that the Kardashian/Jenners receive on a daily basis. Why do you think that is?

fatalreview on

her azz has 28 lbs to lose-and there is plenty of blubber on the rest of her and 1800 calories is a maintenance diet-especially for someone whose biggest exercise is getting dressed to go out to eat and to drive there-and for this short lazy one she would need an hour of steady exercise and about 1,000 calories a day of unprocessed veggies and fish or organic meat baybe raw unsalted nuts to actually lose a pound-thats why she is still fat and lying about her weight lose-it looks like she has a couple of fat removal surgeries in the last 4 months and has had about 25lbs removed that way-she easily still has 50lbs to lose

Angel on

She can post pics of her last year’s nekkid selfies & visits to the spa with her bits & pieces hanging out, but workout pics

Francine on

And then she eats another 3900 calories a night.

Anonymous on

No one cares about your diet. Just move on with your life already…no one cares.

star on

Calories are stupid and very unhealthy you have to restrict foods and you shouldn’t have to count veggies and good whole some foods it mite work forsome but for me i don’t count calories work out Twice a day 15 min morning run in the after none like 20min in weights like five min i am a 5’3 women was 180 pounds in 6months got down to 115 pounds just stop worrying just make better eating choice’s and I am a mother of a 8 year old

Loser on

Is she seriously wearing her own FACE on her jacket!? What a MO-ron!! 😵

jen on

I’m sorry, Kim looks like she’s wearing spanks from head to toe. Her butt, well that’s never, ever going to look normal. She looks like a bad huggies commercial with a 3 day load.

JoJo on

She is the most pathetic woman ever. Married to a closet bisexual, and so miserable that she stuffs her face while pregnant. My doctor would have never let me gain 70 lbs while pregnant. She is just a lazy, self-indulgent useless pig.

JoJo on

Get rid of the fake boobs and ass, fat one, and you would look so much better. Nothing sexy about a fat assed grandma boob fest. You look like the ancient Armenian grandmas in their black mourning clothes. Stupid sl$t.

capricorn2055 on

I focus on exercise, I don’t think it sabotage my weight loss. Of course, I also pick a good diet. I don’t need doctor to
pick my diet, I do it by myself. Really great new treatment for weight loss. Pills don’t work, You know what does work?
Yes, Consistent exercise. And eating right. Give this book a try, even if you don’t
follow everything in the book take parts of the book and apply it to your life soon you will see the rest will follow
because your body will crave for healthy habits and you will realize how far you came along without struggle.

Not A Fan on

OMG…..1800 cal diet ? She isn’t breast-feeding……I bet she breastfed for 2 wks and is so worried about losing weight, the kid has been on formula for the rest of the time it’s been here on earth.
If she got rid of her big ARSE….there’s 20 pounds…period. Then all the time that she ranted about having her placenta acredia condition, you didn’t here much about how she was going to have to have a complete hysterectomy after no# 2 like MOST WOMEN who have this condition. No! This B-S about her condition was just something for the NEWS media, and the fact that FAT ASS KIMMODE can’t stand it if she isn’t the one the attention is on.
I say, we all get on her Twitter account and let her know how ugly she is.

Sundara on

OF COURSE SHE WILL LOSE WEIGHT! she is STARVING HERSELF! the recommended daily allowance is 2,500. and LOW – CARB DIETS ARE BULLSHIT – GO VEGAN

Irina Smirnova on

I focus on exercise, I don’t think it sabotage my weight loss. Of course, I also pick a good diet. I don’t need doctor to pick my diet, I do it by myself. Really great new treatment for weight loss. Pills don’t work, You know what does work? Yes, Consistent exercise. And eating right. Give this book a try, even if you don’t follow everything in the book take parts of the book and apply it to your life soon you will see the rest will follow because your body will crave for healthy habits and you will realize how far you came along without struggle.

sarah.y on

No motivating just being an attention whore. When I lost 50 pounds with the 3 week regime,, I didn’t feel the need to constantly bring it up and telling everyone.

Cinderella on

She’s 36 yo looks likes she’s 40, but she’s not breastfeeding, or she’d be down already. Take that 80 million you claim you make and buy a treadmill, better yet buy a gym. You are really thick all over including your skull

Johan on

Who do they think their fooling!!!! Her 28 lbs will come off when she gets that last round of lipo! Kim does not workout! I don’t give a damn what they say or do. Atkins diet my ass!

Lexi on

I don’t know why Kanye keep letting kim get lipo knowing that his mom died from that! I know that Donda got her lipo procedure out of the U.S. but the risk factors are there with any surgery! My thing is if you can loose weight naturally, do it! The only kim lifting is a fork!

Kayla on

Kim is trying get her cool back but she forget it! King Bey and Kylie won that war! It’s hard to beat them Kim!!! Never heard you say anything about slaying until you heard Bey say ” I slay”! Then you had the nerve to right it on your jacket sleeve! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 bitch you don’t slay

squeri1313gmailcom on

How did the doctors ever allow her to gain that much pregnancy weight?

Anonymous on

For healthy weight loss, 1800 Calories is too low – especially if Kim is including exercise. It’s disappointing that this article mentions nothing about exercise – including exercise is important in losing weight and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
As Kim is someone a lot of women follow, I feel she is leading them to an unhealthy lifestyle as what may work for one woman, will not work for another. AS any fitness & healthy specialist will tell you, to lose 42-lbs in 3-months is not the norm nor is it healthy.
I hope after reading this, women – especially new moms – will not be left depressed or anxious if their weight loss journey is taking longer.

bestwaistcincher on

Just have your surgeon extract 42 lbs of the silicone you are packing h o. That should do it!

Brookie Mills on

No wonder women have body issue images. Reading these post about Kim makes me sad. Why are women saying terrible stuff about each others bodies. It is gross. You may not like Kim, but I would never want my daughter to read “she looks like a whale”. What are we doing to each other? Women should be building each other up. The women who posted on this need to really check their insides and not judge another persons outsides. We are all beautiful…..

Soho on

She doesn’t look like she lost any weight… in the recent pic from Vegas you can see it however. Idk why is this in the paper, it’s boring.

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Kristina on

Wow. A lot of you shouldn’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about. For a breastfeeding mom trying to drop some pounds, they advise not to go below 1500, preferably not below 1800 calories. If she goes too low, she can hinder her milk production. For the average woman wanting to lose weight, 1800 might seem like a lot. But she’s doing it right, you can’t deny that. Good for her.

Ivan Gosewisch on

Cristobal Folz on

Tanya Batrum on

Orval Hodgins on

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