Maksim Chmerkovskiy Says He Doesn’t Eat Bread — But Will Drink a Glass of Pinot Noir Every Night!

04/06/2016 at 12:29 PM ET

Maksim ChmerkovskiyDimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Maksim Chmerkovskiy made a recent pledge to himself to lead a healthier, cleaner life – and one of the first steps he made was eliminating bread from his diet.

“I was surprised to find out how bad bread is – not only for your fat storage, but for your health,” the LivOn Labs brand ambassador, 36, tells PEOPLE. “Most grains inflame. There’s nothing in it that you need. It has a massive sugar count, which spikes your insulin.”

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The pro-dancer – who is about to embark on a 46-city tour with his brother Val – also avoids genetically modified foods and added sugars.

“I eat extremely clean,” he says. “You have to understand your body and what your body is capable of. You dirty it up with bad foods – with saturated fats, with processed foods. Those things, the body can’t handle.”

One thing he doesn’t avoid? Red wine!

“A glass of Pinot Noir is great,” says the former Dancing with the Stars pro. “You can have a glass pretty much every night. Other alcohol is all fermented sugar, which you don’t need.”

As for exercise, Chmerkovskiy tries to do something active every day.

“We have to stay in motion to not lose muscle mass,” he says. “We’re not sitting creatures. For me, every day things have to happen. But I allow myself to rest and heal, as much as I have to.”

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Chmerkovskiy – who is engaged to DWTS‘s Peta Murgatroyd – is staying healthy now so that he can be a better father in the future.

“What kind of parent would I be if I would fail, before my kid was even born, by not making sure that I am healthy enough to have them?” he says. “My fear in life is that I wouldn’t give my kids the opportunity to do better than me. It has to start by taking care of myself.”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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Be a man on

Oh brother. I’m sure you can afford to eat at least a piece of whole grain bread. You’ll dance it off in a heartbeat. You make yourself sound like a bit of a guy who is light in his loafers. Step up, be a man and eat some bread.

Anonymous on

Wheat is terrible for the human body. You can’t ‘dance it off’. It isn’t about the calories, it’s about what it does to body processes and as he said, the inflammation it causes. Be a man and do some research.

carol lange on

Nothing like having a Dad that drinks .eat some bread

Tiger on

Why doesn’t he go out and get a job instead of trying to keep himself relevant with meaningless tabloid interviews about eating bread?

Wheat is ok for most on

Hey Anon, news for you……millions can tolerate a piece of wheat bread or pasta, (God forbid) every day without any nasty side effects. So YOU man up and get real!!

Kat on

Funny because doctors advise against drinking any alcohol but have never been told to avoid a piece of bread.

Merritt on

But Maks and his fiancee both smoke like chimneys. But he never mentions that when he is pretending to be health conscious.

Lisa on

I love him. I agree with him totally about the foods people are killing themselves with. We are literally dying everytime we lift a fork to our mouths, and it needs to stop. We need to pay more attention to what we’re eating before it’s too late. Good for Max. I will definitely make the change, and eat clean from now on.

lilly pond on

He is a fame whore. Go away.

Nancy Nurse on

I’m an RN, have an obese family, but have been 5’7″ and have weighed the same, 135, since college. I eat whole grain bread almost every day. I have never heard a Dr. tell a patient that bread will kill you. However, too much wine will, as well as the chain smoking this guy and his fiance do every day. THAT will put you in an early grave. Please tell him to stop saying such idiotic things.

weight-loss on

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