Jennifer Aniston’s Food Diary: What I Eat In a Day

04/21/2016 at 12:59 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston
Ruven Afanador

Jennifer Aniston has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. So what does she eat on any given day? We asked this year’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman to break it down for us.

“We’ve got to really be conscious and mindful around what we put inside our bodies,” Aniston tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “And how we sleep and how we eat and how we take care of ourselves.”

For Aniston, 47, that means starting every day with a cup of hot water with lemon — “it’s great to put that alkaline into your body first thing in the morning,” she says — followed by a cup of coffee with low-fat milk and stevia.

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The star’s breakfast is usually a protein shake. “I’ll put in bananas, cherries, blackberries, a greens powder, a collagen peptide, a little cacao powder, chocolate stevia drop and chocolate almond milk,” she says. “You can see I like chocolate-flavored. I don’t like protein taste.”

For more of Aniston’s revealing interview, including beauty tips and secrets she’s learned over the years, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday

Jennifer Aniston

For a mid-morning snack, Aniston will grab a hard-boiled egg: “I’ll have one a few hours after I have my shake.”

A lunch favorite is seared ahi tuna with cucumber and lentil salad. “Maybe olive oil,” she adds. “I use Bragg’s amino acids to replace soy sauce.”

If she gets hungry in the afternoon, the actress might grab a cheese stick “or a cup of soup” before dinner that night. Most recently she enjoyed roasted chicken with spiraled zucchini and pesto sauce. “Or Justin and I make pasta carbonara every couple of weeks,” she says.

Aniston admits she used to be stricter when it came to her diet, but now allows herself some breathing room to indulge, admitting her weakness is “salty savory.”

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“I’m not as strict as I was. It was always sort of a monitored watch,” she says. “Then I thought, just give yourself moderation.”

The star says she now knows that beauty is “really learning to love every single thing about yourself. And also realizing that it’s not just clothes and what’s happening [on the outside],” she adds. “There’s so much more that’s beautiful in a human being.”

Julie Jordan, @juliejordanc

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Showing 51 comments

Ellie on

I love Jennifer, but this picture the couch is at a weird angle and makes her look odd. It also looks photoshopped. She is beautiful and healthy…why fake it!

Suzanne on

Once she said Gloria Steinem was her idol of beauty inside and out, I stopped liking her.

Eva on

Yawn. First this washed-up TV actress is voted as World’s Most Beautiful Woman–which is utterly and absolutely ludicrous in itself–and now we have to be told what she eats? Who gives a d*mn? Are we really supposed to also believe she uses drugstore “Aveeno” products for which she’s so happy to shill? And we have to hear about her everlasting fertility issues? It’s a good thing Brad Pitt got away from her when he did, or he’d never have had kids for the sake of her laughable “career.”

Tara on

I love Jen but when I hear celebrities talk about their diet in detail I tune out. Seriously, you can be in a car accident tomorrow and be dead. People don’t have $400 for a days worth of food. Get over yourself.

Achivva on

Seriously, eating will make you lazy. that’s a fact. That’s what makes it so hard to lose weight. I did it with the Loaded Gun Diet, skipping rope and avoiding sitting as much as possible.

sally on

Every time one of these famous people posts what they eat I cringe. What good is living if your gonna eat like this? LIFE is way to short. Prince died today at 57!!!! You just never know. No way am I gonna miss out on fish tacos and a good margarita!

Leens on

as lemons contain citric acid, and acid is the opposite of an alkali, it’s hard to read an article that starts off with Ms. Aniston using a lemon because “it’s great to put that alkaline into your body”

annie on

all that money and you can’t even enjoy the simple pleasure of food. Its a sad existence. You live your life so that the picture everyone looks at is beautiful.
I work out 5 days a week. cardio + strength training. I eat what I want. 😀

Hannah Lynn Davis on

She has a great body and the fact that she never had kids I am sure helps her keep her girlish figure.

pancake on

I have a really hard time imaging People asking George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio or David Beckham – so what do you eat on any given day? So ridiculous! Please stop reducing women to a body size.

Anonymous on

Wow. I don’t normally post comments. However, this woman is so vain. I can’t believe that she actually thinks people care about whether or not she eats a hard boiled egg. BTW, it also sounds like she doesn’t each much at all. No wonder why she landed a self-involved pretty boy with better eyebrows than most women. Seriously, Brad Pitt woke up from a narcissistic coma when he left her.

ann on

I know it is nitpicking, but I’m pretty sure Lemon is an acid.

Anonymous on

a cheese stick for lunch con jen

Em on

Yes, lemons are acidic but they become alkaline as your body metabolizes them. Just an FYI for those wondering.

SezWho? on

Don’t forget to mention her pack and a half a day cig diet too.

Who in God’s name at People chose her as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World? She’s NOT ugly. She is very attractive, especially for her age. But the Most Beautiful in the World? Not even close.

Stella on

I’m shocked “Smart Water” wasn’t mentioned… does she not shill anymore?

Teknosbeka on

Pancake – You’re making too much out of this. When men lose weight or add muscle for a role they do in fact get ask about their diet.

Anonymous on

Reminds me of Ruth Buzzi

J on

For those of you who say life is too short too eat like Jen, I understand where you are coming from. BUT, If you are happier with a GREAT body, than it makes sense to eat extremely healthy foods to have a better body. I personally love it when I look in the mirror and see a slimmer and healthy looking body. So I sacrifice unhealthy foods in order to have the body that I want. For me, life is too short to look in the mirror and not like what I see because I’m flabby.

Gua on

Yay! I thought I was the only person in the world who does not think Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful in the world. I don’t even think she’s pretty. All the beautiful women in the world and they had to recycle her? Come on, PEOPLE magazine! You can do better than that! As a side note, fertility issues are very painful to deal with and the pain never goes away. And some of us who have no kids but had fertility treatments are not able to hang onto our “girlish” figures, the meds made me look pregnant without getting me pregnant, and the weight has been impossible to lose.

CheapTalk on

Is People Magazine now owned by Aveeno, is that how Jennifer Aniston got voted again as Most Beautiful Woman in the world? (Gag!) All she does is plug Aveeno, she has nothing else to say.

Liz on

“And also realizing that it’s not just clothes and what’s happening [on the outside]”…

It took her 47 years to realize this? When they said she was shallow, they weren’t kidding.

Ellen on

Does she couple the water with lemon with a pack of cigarettes? Then couple the egg with one, etc., etc.,…..another chain smoking gal trying to portray herself as “healthy”.

Lol on

Lol people are so unbelievably bitter towards her, for absolutely no reason. @Eva – when was the last time we heard anything about her fertility issues?? To my knowledge, she’s never even had fertility issues – it’s just been a matter of timing and being with the right person. Totally unfounded whining!

Clarissa on

How many times is this huge NARCISSIST going to say the same thing? My diet, my hair, my tan, my facials, my ……..

nelle on

It cracks me up when these celebrities talk about how healthy they are and what healthy things they put in their bodies, when they also smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, I mean come on! she clearly only cares about her outward appearance but not her lungs.

Penelope94 on

Nobody cares what this smug idiot eats in a day!!! Is she for real?

mary on

I would rather be a bit cchubby than eat what she eats. It’s too strict for me.

Bill R. on

Now I know why the Greeks had so many wars ! Their Woman were soooooooo “Freakin’ Gorgeous” and still are to this day ! Wow! Thank You ! People Magazine — You Rock ! ( “Bon Appetite ” Sweet Lovely Jennifer ” )

Kelly122 on

Really? Another article where she talks about nothing more important than her diet, workout routine or skin care routine. The woman has to be the single most self-cantered, boring person on the planet. She’s in a position to make a difference with her money and fame but what does she do—talk about her diet. She’s about as deep as a saucer of milk….sad.

guest on

I really don’t know why all the hate. The magazine decided to name her the most beautiful woman in the world. Beauty is subjective so we are not all going to agree. I’m also sure they asked her what she eats in a day as they have asked countless other celebrities because there are people out there who really would like to know. I doubt it was her idea to tell everyone. As for all the comments on her not having kids, it’s just cruel and beyond stupid. No one knows if she does have fertility issues or not and it’s non of your business. To judge someone on whether they have kids or not is out dated, judgmental and cruel. Women have more value than just giving children. Motherhood is a wonderful thing but there are other roads to take. So, I say respectfully, F###K you all!!!!!!

guest on

Having children not giving children. But you get my point.Damn it they need a edit button!

tau on

Tara–Is it your point that because we will all die we should not take care of ourselves? I hope you didn’t mean it. Believe it or not, you can have a healthy diet on food stamps. It’s all about choices and priorities.

f on

NOPE. Not pretty. Beautiful eye color, but her nose is so messed up and her skin looks like rubber due to smoking

Ro on

pancake–Having a healthy body can be considered an achievement in a country where so much junk food is offered and where a very large part of the population succumbs to food addiction and pancake excesses. It’s certainly of interest to know what people with healthy bodies eat.

Benboop on

She looks like RUTH BUZZI. She will die of a botoxed brain.

ldstep on

I think Brad got out at the right time. This woman is so vain. Good gracious.

Jaime on

Shallow, party of one, your table is ready.

Nana on

OMG ! Is that what all you do. Shallow

Mayette de Guzman on

I can’t wait 2 grab a copy of this issue of People w/ my fav actress Jen on d cover & so many things/pics abt her. I’ve loved Jen since Friends.

Ink on

By definition? Hardly!!

porgie on

She’s a two pack a day smoker, so who cares?

Late Summer on

Her diet sucks! Carbs only every couple of weeks, are you kidding me?! She’d be miserable without the daily injection of caffeine. I’m so sick of people carb-shaming (yes, I just made that up). It’s not healthy to cut out an entire macronutrient out of your diet! Carbohydrates Supply glucose to all the cells of the body. Without it you are miserable and can’t think straight. Not to mention the intense cravings.

Liz on

@Late Summer, FYI fruits and vegetables have carbs, much healthier carbs than things made from white flour, sugar, etc. The white flour/sugar containing products spike one’s blood sugar way too high, causing the body to store fat. Look around you–have you ever wondered why so many people are obese?

tlb on

Healthy? She’s a chain smoker. She once said in an interview that if she was stranded on a desert island, all she’d need is coffee, books, and cigarettes.

yadda on

“pancake” below… or above depending….. Right On!!!! My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous on

And Aveeno…for all their progressive posturing, they still test on animals causing unnecessary suffering for cosmetic purposes. Jen is a dog lover. She should be ashamed.

Elsa on

She is pretty, but not the most beautiful. Pick a women who had kids, and still beautiful. Not someone who does not want kids. And has not had a great movies lately.

Anonymous on

If anyone didnt look closely , she is not that great looking even with all that strict diet

Rueben Yett on

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Robbie Oram on

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