Tiffani Thiessen’s Food Diary: What I Eat in a Day

06/10/2016 at 10:50 AM ET

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For Tiffani Thiessen, cooking is a family affair. The host of Dinner at Tiffani’s found a love for the kitchen through her mom and grandmother before her, and now she’s passing on that affection to her kids.

“I grew up in a long line of women who love to cook,” Thiessen tells PEOPLE, “I just kind of went right into it with them. As I’ve gotten older and I started traveling to other countries, my love of cooking just expanded.”

She and daughter Harper, 5, work together on their favorite breakfast most mornings.

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“Being from California, avocado toast is very popular in our house, we have it almost every morning,” Thiessen says. “She loves making that—I think she just likes smashing up the avocados!”

Thiessen kicks off her day with the Instagram-friendly breakfast, all part of her goal to eat healthy post-baby.

“I wish I could eat what I want, but I just had a baby a couple months ago, so I’m trying to eat healthier these days,” she says. “I try to use a balance of the 80/20 percent, where 80 percent of the time I’m eating very well, and 20 percent of the time I’m a little more adventurous.”

To lose the baby weight she gained while carrying her 11-months-old son Holt, the 5’6″ Thiessen is focusing on boosting her protein intake and banning bad carbohydrates from her diet.

“For me, it’s high protein, and really coming down on the carbs, or the bad carbs, as much as possible,” she says. “I’m nursing, so I can’t be too crazy and really be minimal, so I try to eat a whole grain everyday because I think it’s important, and because I want to give my baby everything he needs too. He’s not on a diet!”

Check out her daily food log below, and pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now, to read more about her diet.


3 liters of water throughout the day


Avocado toast, made with ½ and avocado and one slice of whole-grain toast

1 cup of Signature SELECT Kona Blend coffee with Stevia

Post-Gym Snack

8 oz. protein shake, made with protein powder and unsweetened almond milk

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3 oz. halibut with oven roasted tomatoes and ½ cup quinoa

1 all-natural zero-calorie ginger root beer


2 sliced Persian cucumbers sprinked with fresh lemon juice


Roasted veggie chopped salad, with asparagus, carrots, red onions, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, salami, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

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Total Calories:


The Verdict

Thiessen’s meals are impressively well-rounded, says dietician Keri Glassman of nutritiouslife.com. “That is an excellent, portion-controlled dinner,” Glassman says. “It’s veggie-heavy, with adequate protein and a little fat.” Her post-gym protein shake is “great,” because she’s “getting protein, which is satisfying, and calcium.” But she could easily add in almond butter or ground flaxseeds to increase her low calorie count for the day. Overall though, her meals are “excellent.”

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

Julie Mazziotta @julietmazz

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button on

She must have only been on that diet for a week, because a girl her weight eats more than 1,000 cals a day. More like 2,500 cals if she works out.

trish on

Why do these beautiful women ruin their looks with plastic surgery?

Anonymous on

She looks amazing! Love her show.

Kristen on

I’m sorry but nursing a baby and going to the gym while barely consuming 1,000 calories is unhealthy.

John Spence on

1,000 calories/day is insufficient for any adult, let alone a nursing mother with Tiff’s proportions.

Let’s be real: a Big Mac would probably be more “nutritious” than any of her meals.

wow on

1,083 is insane. She should be eating close to 1,500

Ally1 on

I don’t believe for even one second she eats only 1000 calories a day. And women should never drop below 1200. It’s be interesting to read these things if the celebs were truthful.

soapboxmomgarland on

There is no way she can be exercising and nursing and doing well on that diet. Nursing mothers are encouraged to increase their calorie intake by 500 to support nursing. With regular exercise and nursing she should be over 2000 calories a day and still able to lose weight. What the article describes is not safe weight loss or adequate to nourish her baby. Why does People magazine keep publishing dangerous crap like this. It is pure garbage and will lead to women making dangerous choices for their health.

JustSayin on

For this nutritionist and specialist to say her diet is “excellent” is an absolute farce. Then avocado toast isn’t cooking Tiffany. Do not follow this meal plan, it’s seriously under the caloric value for women. Especially if you’re working out or nursing.

k_1 on

This is ridiculous. These women have so much pressure to be thin that they’re eating less than healthy guidelines recommend. When are we going to stop shaming women for having normal bodies?!

Ilona on

Sorry but for a woman 1 800 calories a day not 1 200 !!! and 2 500 for a man (in Europe )

Tuy on

That is NOT a daily food log. Those “meals” are not adequate nor healthy.

(1) Article should be removed immediately.
(2) Keri Glassman of nutritiouslife.com should be fired from her job if she thinks that that “daily food log” is well-rounded. No-one in their right mind would ever think that this is a well-balanced eating plan.

Kathy on

Cals way too low, and dangerous. Setting a very bad example for your daughter.

Monica on

I love Tiffani and People, but this post is really irresponsible. A 5’6, nursing woman who also works out, eating 1083 calories and being praised by a nutritionist as excellent, is just wrong! On a general scale, at least between 1500 and 1700 calories is what she should be consuming. SMH.

michellemcgovern on

I think it is very irresponsible to publish this article. No one should read this and think it’s OK to eat 1,000 calories a day while breast feeding and going to the gym.

Courtney on

soapboxmomgarland said it right. I ate 2500 – 3000 calories per day while nursing a voracious eater and lost 70 – not seven but seventy – pounds in 9 months and my exercise consisted of walking my baby / dog around the neighborhood to look at and sniff trees. This article is bogus!

hautmom on

She would be a total twig if she ate that way…I wish people would be more truthful. This really just is unrealistic.

Brooke on

Posting a 1000 calorie diet is irresponsible, People. Even with the caveat at the end.

“we recommend 1200 calories for women, BUT if you want to look like Tiffani Theissen you better starve yourself”

Jazzy on

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to eat such little food! Come on, no glass of wine to relax with in the evening??? No thanks!

Desmond on

Dear Keri Glassman,

Eating salami for dinner and as part of one’s daily eating habits is INADEQUATE and UNHEALTHY, as it is PROCESSED meat which is potentially CARCINOGENIC if eaten regularly. Furthermore, a protein shake DOES NOT replace protein, and an eating plan containing GOOD SOURCES of FAT are HIGHLY recommended.

CS on

I cannot believe that Keri Glassman calls this “excellent.” As a Health Coach, I find it incredibly irresponsible. Her first comment should have been, “Tiffani is eating far too few calories for an active woman of her size, especially given that she is nursing.” People really should amend their article to make it clear that this isn’t a healthy diet and should not be emulated, especially by those who are breastfeeding. The mild disclaimer at the end isn’t sufficient.

GMahoney on

Carbs aren’t the problem – the way you’re eating them is the problem. For me quite effective are the carb timing tactics, eating a ‘low-carb’ half of the day and enjoying all the carb-rich food I love at night. High and low carb combo keeps your insulin low (accelerating fat-loss) and your energy level high (read more how to eat carbs at night: http://findperfectdiet.com/carbs-at-night-or-the-half-day-diet/ ). I do this because it fits my schedule best and it encourages healthy eating, not starvation or depriving yourself.

Check with your MD on

Love to hear all the “nutritionists” on here giving advice. If you want/need to lose weight, check with your MD, and have him/her recommend a plan or a certified nutritionist. But I DO agree, if this gal ate this way 80% of the time, I’m surprised she was able to nurse and nourish both a baby and herself. It’s not enough calories for nursing and an active lifestyle. I’m an RN, she’s either fibbing, or the kid is not getting anything from nursing.

Vanna on

There is no way she is nursing on that diet. Absolutely not. A slice of bread and coffee for breakfast??? Her body can’t produce milk being so taxed and starved.

Bella on

Why are these morons so afraid of food? I havent seen one person yet who eats anything remotely appetizing.

Stop trying to be cute and be honest for the people (cant imagine why) who really want to be fit like you and want to know what you seriously eat.

Because this cannot be it! Its bunny and bird food.

Ive seen real women here in Texas who are super slim and fit, raising kids and dont have gym memberships, yet they eat real food and are happy.

Id be cranky with that!

mindymaloneblog on

What I eat in a day. Paleo. Much to my dismay, at age 40 my weight began to creep up. I assumed it was because of my age, a slower metabolism and hormonal changes. To change I had tried EVERY diet program, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Atkins as well as medically supervised programs with hunger suppressing medications. Each was successful to varying degrees. However, I ALWAYS gained the weight back. How could this happen? I have been on a weight loss/weight gain roller coaster for the last 20 years. I purchased several Paleo books until I found Nancy’s blog http://paleorecipediet.com/paleo-recipes-diet/ and then my life changed. This is the best overall in information and has great recipes. I have lost several pounds in a couple of weeks. I feel more energized, strong and balanced throughout our days. The best part is, for the most part, no crazy out of reach ingredients, the meals are simple and really tasty…all which fits in very nicely with our busy lifestyle.

Jamie Alison on

I’d like to add 1 thing. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time working out then just do a 7 minute cardio session as soon as you wake up, this can be a great metabolism boost to revitalize you and freshen you up for the day.

For example you can do a 20 second sprint then 20 second jog, alternate that for 7 minutes. Heck, you don’t have anywhere to run? Just do it on the spot, anything to get the body moving and the heart pumping!

Be careful in which guides you follow. There are TONS of fad diets and lies. Here’s a great weight loss program I used to lose weight and permanently keep it off: http://thehealthspecialists.com

Lisa on

That is not nearly enough calories for a breastfeeding Momma. This is definitely going to send the wrong message to women that are trying to breastfeed.

Anonymous on

That is not a realistic calorie total for an adult, much less a nursing mother. I’m currently breastfeeding, and I eat 2100 calories per day. I’ve lost 34 pounds, and my milk supply is excellent…. but I’m eating DOUBLE the calories she lists. Hollywood is insane.

Christina on

As a fellow RD I’m surprised a focus on the inadequacy of the calories wasn’t mentioned. 500 extra calories are needed to produce the milk. At least 2000 calories to avoid impacting milk supply and with exercise the remaining 1500 calories will allow weight loss

cristinepauline on

“According to Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (3rd Edition, Riordan, pp 440), it is noted that fad or rapid weight loss programs should be avoided because fat-soluble environmental contaminants and toxins stored in body fat are released into the milk when caloric intake is severely restricted”

carryjonathan on

In the past, I used to struggle every time I had to lose weight. I used to follow all kinds of crazy diets: Atkins, Dukan, Nutrisystem, you name it. And even though I did lose weight at first and I never managed to keep the weight off for long. I regained every single pound I had lost and even more. The reason for my failure was that I didn’t understand the basic mechanisms behind weight loss. I kept looking for the magic food that would help me lose weight fast and effortlessly. Once I accepted that the only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit, my life became a lot easier. Now I can enjoy my favourite foods (in moderation, of course!) and still keep my weight steady. A great resource that has helped me in my journey is: http://topweightlossmethods.blogspot.com

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