This Dinner Plate Promises to Cut Calories as You Eat Your Meal — Here’s How it Works

Originally posted 05/26/2016 12:39PM

Love greasy food but don’t love the high calorie count that comes along with it? Well, your problem may be solved.
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Shaun T
Guy D’Alema/ABC/Getty

Get Shaun T’s Perfect ‘Bikinis and Board Shorts’ Workout for Summer

Originally posted 05/25/2016 04:39PM

If you’re looking to tone up for the summer, look no further than Shaun T‘s “Bikinis and Board Shorts” workout.

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Camilla Belle
Ethan Miller/Getty

WATCH: Camilla Belle and Her Trainer Share the Secrets to Her Killer Body

Originally posted 05/23/2016 01:07PM

For Camilla Belle, variety is a priority in her workouts, so she was thrilled to find a trainer who understands in Skye Hansen.

“Her workouts have always been very varied and very different,” Belle tells PEOPLE. “That’s what I really love about it.”

“I do Pilates or SoulCycle or a bunch of different things so then with that, she’ll incorporate that into her training as well. So we’ll do one day really more with weights, another day with TRX, another day with more boxing, so in that sense it makes you an overall more fit person.”

Hansen put Belle through a four-move workout that anyone can do – all you need are TRX straps, two free weights, and a mat.

1. Single leg squats

“We’re going to do a two-part movement. I’m going to have her move into a single-leg squat, so coming down into parallel, driving up through her heel, and then nice and long with the arms, and squeezing that glute,” Hansen explains. Do this for 10 reps on each side, and think about spreading your toes as a stabilizer and focus on your breathing.

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Squats are also Belle’s favorite movement.

“Squats are always fantastic because you know they’re really working, and they hurt after many repetitions,” Belle says. “But you know they’re going to work the next day,” she laughs.

2. Plank variation

“Our feet are about hip distance, and I’m going to have you lower down onto your forearms, and then placing one hand, and then the other, back up to the top. Remember each time you come up to alternate the left and right hands.” Keep your legs rigid throughout the plank, and push up with your hands as you do the movement for a full minute. This strengthens the core and arms.

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3. Free weight rows

“Think yoga warrior 2 [pose], so we’re going to place one foot facing in the direction we’re looking, and the other at about 45 degrees. Then we’re going to bring the weights up, and we’re going to drift forward a little bit, and bring this arm down onto our thigh. From here, give me a row down, and coming up twisting through the torso.” Do 20 reps, and then switch to the other side.

For more of the Most Talked About Bodies of 2016, pick up the upcoming issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

Celine DionPEOPLE

4. TRX rows

“I want you guys to bring your palms facing each other, and we’re going to bring the chest into the straps, and release all the way up.” Do this for 15 reps.

To make it easier, walk your feet away from the straps. But Hansen has Belle move in closer for a tougher movement. “As you can see, she’s a lot lower now,” Hansen says. “And it’s a lot harder now!” Belle laughs.

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From there, you can take a 30 second break, and then repeat the entire set two more times.

“Have fun working out at home, and I hope you do as well as Camilla did,” Hansen says. “Yeah, right!” Belle jokes.

Erin Andrews and Tanya Becker Physique 57

All About the Barre Workout Erin Andrews Swears By to Tone Her Booty!

Originally posted 05/20/2016 10:19AM

Erin Andrews is a devotee to Physique 57’s barre classes to keep her body super toned.
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Harley Pasternak
Courtesy of Harley Pasternak

What Does ‘Healthy Food’ Actually Mean? Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak Weighs In

Originally posted 05/19/2016 12:27PM

Harley Pasternak is a celebrity trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with stars from Halle Berry and Lady Gaga to Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey Jr. He’s also a New York Times best-selling author, with titles including The Body Reset Diet and The 5-Factor Diet. His new book 5 Pounds is out now. Tweet him @harleypasternak.
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Sara HaleyJesse DeYoung Photography

Fitness Pro Sara Haley Healed Her Post-Natal Split Abs Through Exercise – Here’s How Other Moms Can Too

Originally posted 05/19/2016 10:10AM

When Sara Haley was pregnant with her second child, she noticed that her stomach had formed a cone-like shape – a telltale sign of diastasis recti, commonly known as an abdominal split.

Diastasis recti is the technical term for a separation between the left and right abdominal muscles. Pregnant women can develop DR because of the increased tension on the abdominal wall, and the risk increases with multiple births or pregnancies.

Sara HaleyJesse DeYoung Photography

“Because I had worked in pre and post-natal fitness before, I was aware of diastasis, but it’s not the same until you go through it yourself,” Haley, 37, tells PEOPLE. “Right away when I found it, I backed off from doing any severe core conditioning. For some of us, it is hard to accept because you are fit, you feel fit, but there is danger in doing [core exercises] and lifting large amounts of weight during pregnancy.”

After giving birth, she was able to begin doing exercises to heal her split abs. Now Haley has assembled the best moves for women dealing with the same condition as part of her new postnatal workout DVD, Expecting More: The 4th Trimester Workout. The DVD also includes exercises to help new moms drop the baby weight while working on rebuilding their core.

“The key really is to go back slowly,” she says. “You have to treat your post-natal recovery like recovery for an injury.”

Here are Haley’s 5 best exercises to heal diastasis recti:

1. Kegels
Kegels are a great exercise to begin with when you’re in diastasis recti recovery because they require you to contract some of your deepest core muscles and your pelvic floor. If kegeling is new to you, think of squeezing the muscles that stop the flow of urine, along with those that stop you from passing gas. It’s a very small movement that no one can see you doing, which is even better because it means you can do them any time and any place. Do at least 10 repetitions a day. Try your best to kegel without squeezing your abs or butt, and make sure you can breathe deeply while doing them. If you literally just had a baby, especially a vaginal delivery, it may take you a while to feel this exercise.

2. Interlocking your TVA
Your TVA is your transverse abdominals – your deepest core muscles that most people often don’t know how to use, whether they’ve had a baby or not. You must learn how to do this exercise properly if you truly want to heal your diastasis. Like kegels, this can be a tricky exercise to do, since your belly was stretched for 9 months. Keep in mind, if you are a new mom and had a C-section, it will be more challenging since the abdominals often need more time to heal. That doesn’t mean you can’t do this exercise; it simply means you may not feel it right away.

With a towel behind your back and seated tall, inhale through your nose. As you exhale, pull your navel to your spine. Take your hands to your belly so they are touching your rib cage on either side of your belly button. Inhale through your nose, and as you exhale push your skin together with your hands, as if you were trying to push your abs back together. You should feel your navel go closer to your spine and your rib cage soften and close a bit. Think of it as your hands assisting the abdominals to move back together, until they know how to do it on their own. It’s the perfect way to start to train your abs intrinsically so they can eventually be stronger and more toned than they ever were. Do at least 10 repetitions a day.

3. Heel Slide
This is a classic diastasis recovery exercise that you will see in any PT office or diastasis recti recovery program. The idea here is to become comfortable moving your limbs while interlocking your TVA.

Lying on your back with your knees up and feet on the floor, lift your toes up off the floor so your feet are flexed. Exhale, engage your abdominals, and slowly push through your heel to slide one leg along the floor. The slower you go, the better. Inhale and relax, and exhale to bring the leg back in. Trust me, this exercises looks and sounds easier than it is. Alternate right and left heels for a total of eight repetitions, four on each side.

4. Knee Lifts
Another exercise that looks easier than it is. If it feels easy, you might not be doing it correctly. Lying on your back with your knees up and feet on the floor, lift one knee at a time. Point through the foot to keep the leg strong. The key here is to go only to hip level. If you pull the knee in too close to your chest, you will lose the isometric contraction of the TVA that will help heal your diastasis. Keep your hands on your belly so that you can literally feel the movement and help maintain the contraction. Alternate knee lifts 10 times, five reps on each side. (See video above for demonstration.)

5. Side Slide
This is probably the most advanced of the exercises. I would recommend doing it only once you’ve successfully learned to interlock your TVA. Twisting is NOT recommended for healing a diastasis recti; however, we still want to train and strengthen your obliques. This exercise will assist you in this.

Seated cross-legged on the floor, place one hand on your belly. Think of pulling your navel away from your hand and into your back. By keeping your hand on your belly, you should be able to feel your abs contracting and feel when they are not. Inhale through your nose to begin. As you exhale, with a towel in your opposite hand, slide the towel along the floor, out and away from your body. Think of going up and over to the side, so that your side body is not collapsing. Inhale again, and exhale to return with the same control you used when sliding out. Do six to eight reps on each side.

Sara Haley Side SlideJesse DeYoung Photography

Sara Haley Side SlideJesse DeYoung Photography

Bonus Exercise: Towel Pull
I’m adding this one because if you’re competitive with yourself, you’ll have fun with this one.

Lie on your back with your knees up and feet on the floor with a towel underneath your back. One edge of the towel should line up with your spine, and the other half of the towel should be outside of your back. Hold that side of the towel. Inhale and as you exhale, interlock your TVA as you try to pull the towel out from underneath your back. Your job is to use your abdominals to stop the towel from being pulled out. Begin with 15 seconds and increase to 30. Repeat on the other side. If you want to make this more challenging, ask a friend to try to pull the towel out.

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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OprahJon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Oprah Winfrey Plans on Sticking with Weight Watchers for the Long Haul: ‘I’ll Be Counting Points for the Rest of My Life’

Originally posted 05/18/2016 10:37PM

For Oprah Winfrey, rejoining Weight Watchers hasn’t been a temporary weight loss solution, but a true lifestyle change.

“I don’t feel like I’m on a diet that I’m ever going to go off of again,” Winfrey said during a call for Weight Watchers members on Wednesday night. “I feel like I’ll be counting points for the rest of my life.”

Winfrey said the Beyond the Scale program has really felt like something she can stick with for the long-term.

“I genuinely feel that it’s been easier this time than the other 3,000 times I’ve gone on a diet because I don’t even feel like it is a diet,” she said. “I just feel like, ‘Okay, my life has changed.’ It’s totally clicked. I had to get to be 62 to figure it out! It just is like moving into another way of being.”

When asked by a member to share a time she felt empowered by the program, Winfrey recounted a graduation dinner she recently attended.

“I just made a shift at the table,” she said. “We were at a great Atlanta restaurant. Ten o’clock at night and what’s on the table? Fried catfish, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese. But I just had a little bite! It was a decision that I was going to not use this food as a way to reward myself.”

Still, that doesn’t mean she is beyond the occasional treat, admitting she has a weakness for pretzels.

“About 4 o’clock I always feel like I want something to crunch,” she said. “I really like salty and savory things, and so for me it’s a Snyder’s pretzel – that hard crunchy pretzel. It’s 3 points, but oh my gosh. I take my time with it. I love it.”

And Winfrey doesn’t beat herself up if she finds herself going a little off track.

“The other night I’m out, and I have a couple of spoonfuls of something I normally wouldn’t if I was really on point that day, but it’s a couple of spoonfuls and not the whole bowl. And it’s okay because tomorrow is another day, so then I would just pull back on what I was eating the next day, and balance the night before,” she said. “You don’t have to feel like, ‘Oh I shouldn’t have eaten that biscuit!’ ”

If she wants to splurge on a meal, she’ll just compensate for it in other ways.

“Yesterday, I knew I was going to be having General Tso’s chicken for dinner, so I did an extra 30 minutes of exercise and then I walked the dogs around a couple of more times,” she said.

For the media mogul, adhering to Weight Watchers has really meant finding a way to live a balanced life.

“I am really pleased with the way I am creating a sense of balance and accountability for myself with this program,” she said. “It’s not something I feel like I’m on or I’m off. I just feel like, ‘Wow it took me this long to make the shift,’ but I really am happy that I’ve actually made it.”

Winfrey – who is the face of Weight Watchers – revealed in January that she was down 26 lbs. thanks to the program.

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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Mandy IngberAstrid Stawiarz/Getty

Stop Emotional Eating and Try Celebrity Wellness Expert Mandy Ingber’s Plan to Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

Originally posted 05/18/2016 04:33PM

Mandy Ingber is a celebrity fitness and wellness expert whose 20 years of teaching experience have attracted such clients as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Helen Hunt, Ricki Lake, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Meyer and Brooke Shields. She is the New York Times best-selling author of Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, and creator of the yoga-hybrid DVD Yogalosophy. Her new book Yogalosophy for Inner Strength: 12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy is out now. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Photography by Ivan Solis for Kourtney Kardashian; Getty

EXCLUSIVE: Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her ‘Perfect Comfort Food’ Recipe: Mac and Cheese with Turkey Bacon

Originally posted 05/18/2016 01:13PM

Known for following a healthy, organic diet (you know, with the occasional Kit Kat thrown in for good measure), Kourtney Kardashian appreciates the “perfect comfort food” that is macaroni and cheese.
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Kate Hudson
Arthur Belebeau/SHAPE Magazine

Kate Hudson Needs to Feel Emotionally Connected to Her Workouts: ‘My Mood is Constantly Changing’

Originally posted 05/18/2016 12:37PM

When it comes to workouts, schedules don’t work for Kate Hudson.

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