So Brave: PEOPLE Staffers Tried Everything on Taco Bell’s New $1 Breakfast Menu

Originally posted 03/15/2016 04:36PM

We can all agree there’s nothing better than starting the morning with a good breakfast, which is why the announcement of Taco Bell‘s $1 breakfast menu, which launched on Thursday, is one of the best things to happen to us this year, maybe ever.

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Alton Brown Umami Burger
Courtesy Umami Burger

Alton Brown and Umami Burger Debut the Most Epic Breakfast Burger Ever (and We Tried It)

Originally posted 03/15/2016 02:39PM

Alton Brown is known for his mad scientist-like approach to food, so it’s no wonder he can make a burger with flavors so harmonious, it satisfies both the mind and the stomach.
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Jennifer Pastiloff
Courtesy of Jennifer Pastiloff

How Yoga Teacher Jennifer Pastiloff Is Changing Women’s Lives Through Her Empowerment Workshops

Originally posted 03/08/2016 04:34PM

When you get to the end of your life, and ponder: “What have I done?” — what will your answer be?
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Gold BarreSteve Lucero/BFA

We Tried It: A Tara Lipinski Figure Skating-Inspired Barre Class

Originally posted 02/18/2016 03:48PM

What Is It: Gold Barre is a barre-based workout – taught at Equinox gyms nationwide – that focuses on the lower body and core. The moves are inspired by the routines of Olympic gold medal winning figure skater Tara Lipinski.
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We Tried Chris Martin’s Eat-Nothing-All-Day Fasting Diet … and We’re Still Hangry

Originally posted 02/18/2016 02:35PM

What Is It: Chris Martin’s once-a-week fasting diet, which allows for water only and claims to provide a variety of mind and body benefits.

Who Tried It: Joan Yeam, PEOPLE Video Producer, @JoanYeamTV

Level of Difficulty: 9. This takes immense self-control.

Confession: I love food. I only work out to make up for my eating, and I’ve tried every fitness trend out there. Crossfit, Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp…all the good stuff. But the problem is – because I don’t diet, I never obtain an uber-hot physique.
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We Tried It: N.Y.C.’s Pop Physique Barre-Based Class Promises a Leaner Body in 30 Days

Originally posted 02/16/2016 11:51AM

What Is It: Pop Physique is a barre-based class that feels like a nightclub and sanctuary rolled into one.

Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, PEOPLE writer and reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7 (on a scale from 1 to 10).
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Filled Cupcake Oreos Are Coming — and We Got a Sneak Preview

Originally posted 02/02/2016 10:19AM

Forget the Iowa caucus! The topic everyone should be talking about this morning is the Oreo cookie, because Nabisco just announced that it is releasing yet another new limited-edition flavor. And, without any interruption from Donald Trump, I can tell you that flavor is (drumroll, please) …. Filled Cupcake! We had a tip off that these might be coming back in October, but now it’s confirmed.
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We Tried It: How Marie Kondo’s Tidying Method Turned This Packrat Into a Clutter-Purging Believer

Originally posted 01/29/2016 12:27PM

What Is It: Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo‘s method (a.k.a. “KonMari”) of getting rid of all your junk and rearranging your home—and your life—for the better.

Who Tried It: Rennie Dyball, PEOPLE senior news editor

Level of Difficulty: 10. This is no ordinary purge.

I am a recovering packrat. I used to hold on to everything with even a shred of emotional significance: clothing that I no longer wore but had a good back-story, ticket stubs from college, letters from high school boyfriends, childhood birthday cards…you name it, I kept it.
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FILED UNDER: Home , We Tried It

We Made Up Our Own ‘Burger Cleanse’ Diet For the Good of All Humanity

Originally posted 01/28/2016 12:11PM

What Is It? The Burger Cleanse, a totally made-up, but totally delicious detox inspired by The Taco Cleanse.

Who’s Trying It Out? Grace Gavilanes, features writer-reporter

What’s the Point? Why even question it? Where there are burgers, there is life. Also, I refused to leave my house during the blizzard and wanted to make my time indoors as fulfilling as possible. Enter: burger-inspired meals.

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Jill Miller24 Hour Fitness

We Tried It: A Muscle Relaxation and Recovery Class Taught by Kelly Osbourne’s Trainer

Originally posted 01/27/2016 01:25PM

What Is It: Treat While You Train is a relaxation and recovery class taught exclusively at 24 Hour Fitness locations nationwide, based on the method developed by celebrity trainer Jill Miller (who works with Kelly Osbourne and Elisabeth Hasselbeck)
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